Comparing Salesforce IDEs

Nowadays there are several IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) to work with Salesforce, and today I would like to write about some of them providing my experience using them. IDE (Eclipse):


This is the official IDE outside of Developer Console. It’s a plugin that runs inside Eclipse for creating, modifying and deploying applications.


  • Support from community and new features are being added (example Salesforce DX integration)
  • Deployments can be done directly from the IDE
  • Free


  • Heavy environment as it runs Eclipse
  • Doesn’t have autocomplete or go to definitions

The Welkin Suite:


IDE based on Microsoft Visual Studio focused mainly on development. Allows working with Apex, Visualforce, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, any images as well as executing unit tests, SOQL queries and anonymous apex.


  • Autocomplete and go to definitions functionality
  • Running test from the IDE, even you are able to run a specific test method within a test class


  • Paid
  • Doesn’t work with all the metadata and components.


mavensmate ide.png

Is a collection of open source projects that aims to make building Salesforce applications accessible to developers who prefer to build applications using their local machine in text editors like Sublime Text, Atom, and Visual Studio Code.


  • If you don’t like one of the editors, you still can have other to work with
  • Light editors
  • Whole metadata and components to work with


  • It can get confusing switching between the desktop app and the text editors

Developer Console:


Is the official and integrated tool that Salesforce provides. It has been greatly improved with each release.


  • Official support
  • Easy to run SOQL queries and execute anonymous
  • Web based so nothing but a web browser is required
  • Whole metadata integrated
  • Easy to view logs or debug


  • As it’s web based is harder to integrate your changes if you are using a code repository


As you can see there are several options (there are several that I don’t even mentioned as I never used them) which I think is really helpful as you can pick and choose based on your necessities and what is comfortable for you to use everyday. The one that I’m using nowadays is MavensMate + Visual Studio Code, giving me a lot of possibilities through extensions (like a static code analysis for Apex code).


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